The following Products and Services are offered at our Metro Health Services location at the Saint John Regional Hospital.

Services Offered:
  • Custom made bracing by cast or measurement
  • Bracing for a wide variety of neurological, orthopaedic, and rehabilitation related conditions
  • Biomechanical assessment, evaluation and custom brace design
  • Analysis of Pathological gait related deviations and appropriated solutions
  • Consultations resource for bracing choices for various pathologies
  • Repair, refurbishment, and alteration of existing braces

Custom Products Offered:
  • SMO’s, UCBL’s and Thermoplastic Ankle Lacer's
  • AFO’s (Custom Plastic, Conventional Metal and Dynamic Carbon Fiber Energy Return
  • PTB AFO’s (for the Diabetic foot)
  • Charcot Boots (for the Diabetic foot)
  • KAFO’s (auto locking knee, offset free knee, stance control with free swing)
  • HKAFO’s, RGO’s (for Spina Bifida and Paraplegia)
  • Scoliosis Braces (Boston Brace System)
  • Custom TLSO Spinal Bracing
  • Soft Boston TLSO (For seating report)
  • WHO’s and Wrist Gauntlet's ( Permanent Designs)





Greg Guzik
B.A., C.0.(c)         







Kathy Calvin

B.SC., O.T.(c)

Occupational Therapist



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